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ESG at Atrato

Sustainable investment for long term value

Atrato Group recognises the need to embrace the adoption of best practice ESG principles throughout its investment management decisions and ownership practices, in order to deliver sustainable returns for its clients and their investors.  This objective is underpinned by the belief that we have a responsibly to limit the environmental impact of our investments and add value to society through more than just financial deliverables.

To demonstrate integrity of approach, the ESG policy has been designed with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”) thereby providing a clear set of targets and objectives by which to track progress against this objective.


Through the investment programme of its funds, Atrato creates opportunities for people to work in their local areas, delivering a positive socioeconomic impact within those communities, aligning ourselves with goals 8 and 10:

UN SDG 8.png
UN SDG 10.png

Atrato is committed to acquiring and owning assets that have a strong environmental rating or where Atrato can work to enhance environmental performance over time, aligning ourselves with goals 11 and 13:

UN SDG 11.png
UN SDG 13.png

Reflecting on the importance of its ESG agenda, and to ensure its effective delivery, Atrato has appointed one of its Principals, Steve Windsor as ESG Lead.  Steve is responsible for delivery of Atrato’s ESG objectives, fully integrating ESG initiatives into all areas of the business and engaging with the funds to whom Atrato acts as manager or adviser.

Atrato aim’s is to strive for continuous improvement, committing to increasingly detailed operational and reporting ESG targets. Specifically, Atrato is committed to:

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  • Transparency of approach

  • Engagement with stakeholders

  • Adherence to a robust governance framework that includes the consideration of ESG risks and opportunities

  • Integrating ESG into day-to-day operations through alignment with Atrato’s core values; ongoing training on ESG issues; and implementation of ESG objectives in the performance plans of key individuals

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