Atrato is an alternative investment management and advisory group

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  • We specialise in long term investment strategies that provide stable, predictable, non-cyclical returns.

  • We advise, arrange and principal investments across the asset backed long income spectrum, offering investors access to differentiated, compelling investment opportunities. 

  • We are the UK's leading adviser in the grocery real estate sector.

  • We invest for the long term. We understand this comes with the responsibility to assess and manage investments for society as a whole, not just for financial gain.

  • We aim to ensure a sustainable approach to delivering market leading returns.

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Is a market leading investment and advisory platform 

Gives best-in-class investment

Aims to be the trusted adviser for investors in our chosen sectors 

Delivers market leading economic, environmental and social returns 

Strives to be an employer of choice and attract the best people  

Offers investors access to differentiated, compelling asset backed investment opportunities 

Ensures robust, thorough and transparent governance 


Have a ‘one team,’ friendly corporate culture with flat hierarchy, open communication and genuine teamwork.


Be entrepreneurial and dynamic in our approach whilst being disciplined and thorough in our decision making.

Atrato Core Values


Develop, challenge and inspire others to make a positive impact.


Committed to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


Operate in an open an honest manner with all stakeholders.


Focus on creativity, optimism and original thinking.


Earn the trust of our clients by delivering market leading strategies and always going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.

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ESG at Atrato

As a long-term investor, the Atrato Group is committed to delivering returns in a sustainable manner. This is underpinned by a belief that we have a responsibility to limit the environmental impact of our investments and to add value to society through more than just financial deliverables.

A core aspect of our commitment is the increasing integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) considerations into investment management decisions and ownership practices.


Atrato aim’s is to strive for continuous improvement, committing to increasingly detailed operational and reporting ESG targets. Specifically, Atrato is committed to:


  • Transparency of approach

  • Engagement with stakeholders

  • Adherence to a robust governance framework that includes the consideration of ESG risks and opportunities

  • Integrating ESG into day-to-day operations through alignment with Atrato’s core values; ongoing training on ESG issues; and implementation of ESG objectives in the performance plans of key individuals


Atrato Charity Partners

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New business

Atrato is always looking at ways to expand our product offering to investors by sourcing and identifying new and unique investment strategies with managers who offer a demonstrable track record in their chosen sector.

We are particularly interested in complementary asset backed income strategies that follow our philosophy of delivering stable, predictable, non-cyclical returns over the long term.

If you have a good idea that meets all the above, we'd love to hear from you!