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Atrato’s living strategy aims to address the UK-wide shortage of supported housing by investing in fit for purpose properties, let on fair terms, to carefully selected housing providers. 

The aim of the strategy is to deliver capital growth and inflation-linked income for our investors, alongside improved outcomes for the individuals housed. This would result in a fair deal for society and savings for the UK taxpayer. 


Person specific supported housing

Consists of accommodation intertwined with appropriate support, supervision or care to help people live as independently as possible.  Atrato living’s strategy focuses on three key areas:

  • Specialised Supported Housing (SSH) - For vulnerable adults who require an element of care.

  • Homeless Support – Providing long term, secure housing for the homeless.

  • Extra Care – For older adults who require support.

Specialised Supported Housing (SSH)

Accommodation designed for individuals who require specialised services or support to enable them to live independently within the community. Housing individuals for whom the only practical alternative would be a residential care home or hospital. Individuals in Specialised Supported Housing are generally working-age adults with learning difficulties, mental illness or physical disabilities.


Our Strategy

Atrato living’s model has been designed following extensive consultation with the Regulator of Social Housing and best in class housing providers. 

The investment strategy’s aim is to: 


  • Lease appropriately designed properties to carefully selected housing providers 

  • Address the structural undersupply of supported housing in the UK 

  • Deliver genuine and measurable positive social and environmental impact 

  • Offer investors government backed, inflation linked income

The Team

The team worked closely with reputable housing associations and the Regulator of Social Housing to create a new transformational model for UK supported housing which aims to offer a fair deal to all parties and society as a whole.

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